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  1. Hey Norbert,
    I hope to find you well and in good spirits.
    I stayed with you for a short time in 2005.

    I am looking for some new artwork.
    I was wondering if you have any original works that you are looking to sell?

    I bought a beautiful print from you in 2006!

    I’m happy to pop over to Amsterdam to see you if needs be.

    Your friend,

    David Young

    1. Hello David

      Yes i meet you in 2005 tghen i had in that period a bedandbreakfast since 2013 i stopped with BB now i make paintings may be i can meet you in my atelier to see my paintings

      Your friend


    2. Hello David

      Sorrie for my late reaction i know you and i know that you had buy by me a painting.Ik have on this moment lot of paintings i can show you if you are in amsterdam.I have also a atelier with other artists in the hermitage in amsterdam.I am stopped with bedandbreakfast in 2013 it was forbidden to rent a room for BB.

      On this momernt i make paintings

    3. Hello David

      I wish you a happy new year i have now a lot of work in my atelier
      When you are in amsterdam i can show you my art in my studio.I make also art in another studio in the city center

      May greetings


  2. Hello David

    I now that you had buy a painting by me in 2006.In that period i had also a bedandbreakfast in 2013 i stopped with BB and now i made paintings at my place.
    May be when you are in amsterdam and you have time you can see my collection paintings

    Your friend


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